Services for working with cloud mining: realities of earnings on cryptocurrencies

Extraction of virtual money is one of the ways to earn money online, which involves solving complex mathematical problems. To achieve this goal can be in the presence of special high-performance equipment, which is not under force to acquire the majority of ordinary users. Services of collective creation of cryptocurrency come to the rescue and the principle of cloud mining is used.

Cryptocurrency: basic principles and features of earnings

The principle of cloud “mining” and where to start cloud mining cryptocurrency in 2017?

When working with cryptocurrency savings, cloud mining services become an effective means of their multiplication. For ordinary users, the task is greatly simplified due to the absence of the need for round-the-clock process control, elimination of costs associated with paying for the electricity consumed by powerful equipment, and equipment maintenance. Companies offering this service usually operate remotely, having basic facilities in regions with low electricity charges.

The advantages of cloud mining are as follows:

  • Total capacity is divided into parts provided to users for purchase or lease;
  • Guaranteed stable income to all participants with minimal effort and investment on their part. Often, to start is enough to register for the service or make a few dollars.
  • Time costs are noticeably reduced, and productivity increases.

The presence of various specialized sites offering their own conditions and powers of cloud mining makes it possible to make the right choice in a particular situation, building on the conditions of bitcoin mining, their accumulation and payment (see Cloud mining: pros and cons). The document confirming the cooperation is a contract specifying the rules established by the service.

Cloud mining – ranking of the best services for 2017. TOP 10

Cloud mining - ranking of the best services for 2017.  TOP 10

Due to the large number of virtual companies offering cryptocurrency cloud mining, it is quite difficult for inexperienced novice users to make a choice. Below is a list of the most sought-after services that deserve positive customer feedback.


The main currency that the resource works with is bitcoins, although mining with other units is not excluded. Reasonable prices are combined with a simple interface, frequent automatic payments, quality support. There is no restriction on tariff plans for time, which is also regarded as a bonus.


When working with this service, cloud mining is possible with any advanced cryptocurrency. Data centers are located in Iceland, Bosnia, Canada.

Payments are made daily, which indicates a transparent activity of the resource. There is a flexible distribution of computing power between the selected cryptocurrencies. For mining, the algorithms SHA-256 and scrypt are used. After registering and gaining access to the referral program, payment is made for facilities with a discount of 3 – 7%.


Similar to previous services, there are several types of cryptocurrency allows mining. For this site describes the extraction algorithms. When necessary, the purchased capacities are put on the stock exchange and are successfully sold.

The project is characterized by stable development, 100% yield with the return of funds invested six months later and the doubling of cryptocurrency after another 6 months.


Mining uses the same algorithms as GenesisMining. During the extraction process, the exchange of scripting currencies for the bits is performed. Payment of the latter is made daily. The key to a successful acquisition is the timely tracking of the number of bits that are sold out instantly.


In addition to cloud mining of bitcoins, operations with ethers and self-contained glands are proposed. Fixed and current deposits are used to discourage invested funds. From time to time it is possible to receive coupons that provide discounts on power.


Service is able to mine any cryptocurrency. The software is a proprietary product, the necessary files are installed on the PC of registered users. For distribution of the extracted funds a special crane is used. Payments are made daily.

It is desirable to begin work with increasing the strongest cloud SHA-256, which is stronger than Scrypt and provides higher profits.


In the list of cloud servers appeared in 2016 and has already collected an impressive client base. Specializes in bitcoin mining, providing a monthly income of 5-10%. The profit figures are directly influenced by the amount of acquired capacity, the presence of reinvestment experience and participation in referral programs.

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The term of the contract concluded by users is not limited, the received Bitcoins or Visa / Mastercard credit cards are used for payment. Payments are made instantly and become available if the balance is 0.001 BTC.

The service officially cooperates with BitFury, buying capacity in the data centers of this company. In essence, the resource is a reseller of capacities with a good reputation and decent profitability. The only negative is the high support fee (about $ 17).


The service mines altcoins and other cryptocurrencies, providing a yield of 300% per annum. Currency selection is carried out automatically on the basis of profit indicators, after which the extraction process is launched. When buying 1300 MN / s of capacity, it is possible to select the desired position at your discretion. The cost of 1 MN / s is 11 dollars, the yield of a unit is 0.1 $ / day, that is, the costs are paid off within 110 days.

Capacities work, while the equipment is regularly acquired. The average lifetime is 2 years. The entire specified period is covered by the warranty, therefore, in the event of a breakdown, a free-of-charge element will be replaced. If a malfunction occurs at the end of the warranty period, the power is switched off


The Australian project appeared on the market of cloud mining services only this summer. Operations are performed with both Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies. The declared profitability ranges from 120 to 200% per annum and is determined by the type of mining, the volume of acquired capacity. Payback period is at least 6 months.

Contracts with users are signed for a period of two or three years; various cryptocurrencies are used to pay for the services. The minimum amount for withdrawal in the service is not defined, but the amount of the paid commission is set.


A distinctive feature of the service – work on the principle of the exchange. Capacities are not only bought here, but also sold at a market price. There are no fixed contracts, therefore the period of use of capacities and their type is determined by the user individually. Purchase is possible after setting pools. Payments are made in Bitcoins.

How to make money on cloud mining? How much can you earn on cloud mining?

How to make money on cloud mining?  How much can you earn on cloud mining?

Recommendations for choosing a cloud mining service

Experienced miners recommend starting consideration options with the analysis of information available in the network about companies. It is important that the description is technically correctly stated information about the principles of the resource. Help and view forums where registered users share information about the results. The main condition for success – the presence of stable payments.

Additionally, you should pay attention to the following points:

  1. Marketing style If the information is submitted in an aggressive style, it is better to immediately abandon such cooperation.
  2. Duration of capacity. It is advisable to choose services where capacity is offered for a 6-month period.
  3. Yield. The optimal rate is in the range of 20-30% per annum. Do not chase the numbers, it is better to slowly go to the goal.

How to make cloud earnings more efficient

Guided by personal experience, miner experts draw attention to two main points:

  • In order not to lose funds irrevocably, it is necessary to divide investments, investing simultaneously in several worthwhile projects. Their number depends only on personal capabilities.
  • The guarantee of a stable income and capital increase – constant reinvestment in the amount of half the profit.

As for the level of earnings on cloud resources, each service offers its own algorithm for calculating profits, which can be used at the stage of application. As a rule, the list of indicators affecting income includes the miner’s speed, the rate of cryptocurrency, the complexity of the network, the cost of electricity, the fees charged.

Interesting facts about cloud mining

  1. The EOBot service offers an additional option in the form of mining of physical gold . 
    To start the process, you need to replenish the balance by creating a deposit on the site. As soon as the precious metal is mined, it is proposed to design the delivery service indicating the recipient’s country and city. Information about the amount of transport fees is provided by the technical support of the resource. 1 ounce bars or one-gram “bars” containing pure gold of sample 999.9 are subject to departure.
  2. Mining can be hidden . 
    Before the cloud mining cryptocurrency has become widespread, there was a hidden use of resources and mining through viruses infecting computers. At one time, the shadow fell on the torrent client μTorrent, simultaneously with the installation of which the program EpicScale was offered. Its function is the use of computer resources for computing during periods of inactivity. According to representatives of μTorrent, mining really took place, and the funds received were distributed to charity and company financing.
  3. Components mining farm . 
    The farm, through which cloud cryptocurrency mining is realized, is in many ways similar to one powerful computer or network of similar equipment. The minimum set consists of four video cards, a power supply, a motherboard. The mandatory elements include the coolers necessary for timely cooling of the system in order to avoid overloading video cards. Appropriate software with a circuit is also required to implement an automatic restart of the system upon shutdown.

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