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Apart from her movies, Bullock has managed to stay in limelight due to her controversial relationships, mostly with her co-stars. Here is a list of some of the controversial relationships that Bullock had been into: The couple was said to be engaged. It is said that it was during her relationship with Tate Donovan that Sandra Bullock began dating the actor Keanu Reaves. However, the relationship was never confirmed by the two actors. Troy Aikman A rumored relationship is quite controversial in itself. However, their relationship was never confirmed and it is still in question if the two were actually dating. However, they broke up after two years of dating, sparking fresh controversies.

Chris Evans Reveals the Most Romantic Thing He Ever Did – for Himself

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Ashburn and Mullins tail a local nightclub manager named Hank LeSoire Adam Ray to his place of business known as Club Ekko and successfully place a bug on his cell phone in an effort to get information on a drug lord, Simon Larkin. As they leave the club, Ashburn and Mullins are confronted by DEA agents Craig Dan Bakkedahl and Adam Taran Killam , who have been working the Larkin case for several months and are worried that their case will be compromised.

Jason was recently released from prison, having been put there by Mullins to keep him off the streets and out of trouble. However, Jason does not have any ill feelings toward his sister, and tips her off about the body of a murdered drug dealer by the name of Sal Netalie in an abandoned car. The pair spend the evening bonding in a bar, where a drunk Ashburn reveals that her foster child past may be partly to blame for her attitude.

After a night of raucous drinking and partying, Ashburn wakes up the following morning to discover that, in her drunkenness, she has given her car keys to Wayne Steve Bannos , one of the bar patrons. After unsuccessfully pleading for the keys, Ashburn and Mullins watch as the patron starts the car and is killed by a bomb.

Sandra Bullock

Jul 26, Nicknames: Sandra Annette Bullock Height: She is the daughter of an American voice coach and German opera singer, and spent a good portion of her youth singing in a choir in Germany. Abandoning her University studies to pursue a career in acting, Bullock lived in New York City where she worked, attended acting classes and went on auditions, taking roles for the stage and student films.

Sandra Bullock started dating Tate Donovan, who was her co- star in the film ‘Love Potion No.9’. Chris Evans. The couple ignited the dating rumors when they were first seen together in West Hollywood. However, the couple never titled their relationship by confirming the rumor despite the fact that Evans confessed having a crush on Sandra.

He loves brown skin but not for serious relationships. He has said he loved Salma Hayek to have fun, but that to take home to his mother, to have children, and introduce to the people in his town, the one girl is Sandra Bullock. Not even the white girls from his town get a pass. He is known in Boston for having many FWB,but he never dates normal women.

He has said he likes dating actresses. For the past 16 years he has only had serious relationships with white actresses. I love him but he’s too superficial in this area. I would not advise a WOC to fall in love with him. I don’t think it would be a good idea.

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I think we spend too much time looking for things that are more things that society wants us to look for and that we get from a magazine rather than that are really worth it You’d like to know that that person can, a, make you laugh, and think, you know can really stimulate you and excite you when they’re gone and you think about them. Somebody you can admire and be proud of and sit back and go, ‘this is my man.

How Her Private Life Has Kept Her Grounded Through 20 Years of Being America’s Reluctant Sweetheart There haven’t been any clam shuckers in the mix not professional ones, anyway , but when Bullock was just kinda doing her her thing in the dating department and making her way in Hollywood, she was a wellspring of information. I have a thing for red haired Irish boys as we know,” she quipped.

Sandra Bullock is an Academy Award-winning actress and also happens to be one of Hollywood’s highest-paid actresses. She rose to fame thanks to roles in Demolition Man () and Speed (). Collectively, as of , her films have grossed over $ billion worldwide.

Sandra Bullock, who plays medical engineer Ryan Stone stranded in space in Gravity, is in the running for the coveted award. The year-olds nomination helped to make Alfonso Cuaron’s Gravity the most Bafta-nominated film this year, with 11 nods including best film, best director and best British film. Scroll down for video Stranded: Sandra Bullock has been nominated as Best Actress for her role in Gravity Bullock joins Melbourne-born actress Cate Blanchett, 44, to vie for the title of Best Actress, who plays the troubled socialite Jasmine in Woody Allen’s comedy drama.

Blue Jasmine has been nominated in a total of three categories, one for Allen’s Original Screenplay, and the other for English actress Sally Hawkins, 37, who plays Jasmine’s sister Ginger. Cate Blanchett gives a convincing portrayal of a fallen socialite in Blue Jasmine Superstar: Antonio Berardi looks to lunar landscapes, so we do too Playing with volume, the designer sent voluminous skirts and dresses in magnificent metals down his catwalk just a few days ago, but already the lucky A-list are getting their manicured mitts on them.

Here Cate Blanchett is riding the galactic bandwagon perfectly in this stunning silver gown which is beautifully tailored with a structured boxy top, nipped in at the waist before a billowing skirt comes in short at the front and long in the back. If you want to launch your look then you need to take a look at our silver space-inspired dresses below. Those in search of a bargain should check out Boohoo and River Island while those wanting to invest in some seriously luxe styles should head to NetAPorter.

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A new A-list celebrity romance has begun to blossom, Quentin Tarantino may be romancing Uma Thurman, and Nicki Minaj will appear at your party for a reasonable fee. Let’s just get something straight upfront and right off the bat: Chris Evans is 32 and Sandra Bullock is 49, and if that age discrepancy bothers you, then please do a cartwheel directly into a tar pit.

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Jackson What to expect: The first blockbuster out of the gate could bulldoze the entire summer lineup. Its follow-up looks much grimmer, but the ever-expanding cast — which this time includes James Spader as Ultron, Elizabeth Olsen as Scarlet Witch, Aaron Taylor-Johnson as Quicksilver and Andy Serkis as Ulysses Klaue — won’t leave Marvel’s merry brand of superheroes hunting for loose change. The trailer didn’t overwhelm us, but we’ll buy tickets for anything that signals Reese Witherspoon’s return to comedy.

She plays a bumbling police officer who’s called upon to protect the wife of a drug dealer Sofia Vergara. Fury Road” May 15 Warner Bros. C’mon, have you seen the trailer? It is a smoking hot post-apocalyptic thrill ride with enough adrenaline to fuel a small nation. Directed by the same guy who made the original starring Mel Gibson, “Mad Max” looks like the summer’s most promising reboot. The Barden Bellas are taking their act global, competing in a worldwide competition that no American group has ever won.

Jared Harris is no Zelda Rubinstein , but we’re intrigued by this cast nonetheless — not to mention screenwriter David Lindsay-Abaire, who won the Pulitzer for “Rabbit Hole. Inspired by the Disney theme parks’ futuristic vision of the same name, “Tomorrowland” casts George Clooney as an inventor who teams up with a curious teenager Britt Robertson to explore a mysterious place that transcends space and time.

Disney has been teasing this movie since , and it wasn’t until last month’s trailer teased something about parallel realities and fixing the future nice to see you again, “Interstellar” that we got legitimate clues regarding the strange world s this movie inhabits. What’s that you say?

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Sandra Bullock completed her schooling from Waldorf School in Germany. Then Bullock studied in Washington-Lee High School where Bullock had her first encounter with acting and performed in theater productions of the school. Next year in , Bullock debuted in the big screen from the film Hangmen in the role of Lisa Edwards.

The two have been dating since earlier in the year, according to Us Weekly, after Bullock hired Randall to photograph her son Louis’ 5th birthday party in January Chris Evans dream could be a reality!

The “Gravity” star decided to use a humorous approach in dismissing the romantic relationship between her and the year-old “The Avengers” actor. We’ve since married and it started breaking apart, so we separated,” Sandra Bullock, 49, joked about the dating reports with Chris Evans on Entertainment Tonight. The actress further joked that she and Chris already filed for divorce and hoped that everyone can respect their privacy.

According to the People report, Sandra Bullock and Chris Evans initially ignited the dating reports back in March when they dined together with a group of friends in West Hollywood. Reports on the alleged Sandra-Chris romantic relationship continued to spread around when the two dined with friends Chelsea Handler and Melissa McCarthy at a West Hollywood hot spot in April.

News report , an unnamed source revealed that Sandra Bullock and Chris Evans are not in a relationship but the two are hanging out and in the process of getting to know each other. Then, Chris Evans admitted in the April Playboy interview that he used to be in love with the actress as a kid growing up. I remember seeing Speed when I was in seventh grade and just thinking, ‘That’s her. The actor further revealed that he used to have a big poster of Sandra Bullock in his bedroom.

When asked about what kind of girl he likes, Chris Evans shared that he gets attracted to women who have a soft side, gets emotional when it comes to babies and puppies and those who can make fun of themselves because he loves to poke fun at himself.

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