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Mental Health Matters Mental Illness and Relationships Relationships are something that we cannot live without — but sometimes wish we could! Although relationships can bring much joy, love and happiness, they can also bring along with them much turmoil, troubles and tribulations. Relationships can be stressful enough at the best of times, but when combined with mental illness — it can become a potential recipe for disaster. Anxiety disorders such as social phobia, agoraphobia and body dysmorphic disorder can make social interaction extremely difficult. Suffers can feel very anxious and nervous around other people and this may cause problems with both maintaining existing relationships as well as building new ones. Mental illnesses such as depression can cause sufferers to avoid social interaction as their low moods may make them feel anti-social and reclusive.

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If you use Tinder, you likely hate yourself. Women who use the popular dating app are more likely to hate their bodies and blokes swiping for dates tend to have lower self-esteem. An estimated 50m people worldwide use Tinder to find love. But the latest study, presented at the American Psychological Association annual meeting in Denver, Colorado, suggests it can fuel psychological problems.

Mental health experts are already worried about overuse of the app. Hungarian psychologists recently developed the Problematic Tinder Use Scale — specifically to measure levels of addiction.

Oct 08,  · Mental Health: In Our Own Words Mind, the mental health charity aged talk about what it’s like to live with a mental health problem, and what helps them cope.

News story Connecting with nature offers a new approach to mental health care A new study has been published by Natural England which reviews the benefits and outcomes of approaches to green care for mental ill-health. Published 9 February Natural England A therapeutic horticulture activity underway at a care farm A report published today 9 February shows that taking part in nature-based activities helps people who are suffering from mental ill-health and can contribute to a reduction in levels of anxiety, stress, and depression.

The new report suggests that green care interventions can provide an increasingly important and cost-effective way of supporting mental health services. The report focuses on the 3 main green care interventions that are currently helping people in England who have mental ill-health: These include a reduction in depression, anxiety, and stress symptoms, and an improvement in dementia-related symptoms.

The report also shows that people involved in these types of green care activities have a greatly increased level of social contact and inclusion; as well as a sense of belonging and personal achievement.

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Tinder is bad for your mental health, say scientists IF you use Tinder to find yourself dates, you should probably stop reading now. New research has shown the dating app fuels psychological problems.

How to cope day-to-day Accept your feelings Despite the different symptoms and types of mental illnesses, many families who have a loved one with mental illness, share similar experiences. You may find yourself denying the warning signs, worrying what other people will think because of the stigma, or wondering what caused your loved one to become ill. Accept that these feelings are normal and common among families going through similar situations. Share what you have learned with others.

Handling unusual behavior The outward signs of a mental illness are often behavioral. A person may be extremely quiet or withdrawn. Conversely, he or she may burst into tears, have great anxiety or have outbursts of anger. When in public, these behaviors can be disruptive and difficult to accept. The next time you and your family member visit your doctor or mental health professional, discuss these behaviors and develop a strategy for coping.

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Dating site helps those with learning difficulties find love Dating site helps those with learning difficulties find love Published by the Pirate FM News Team at A dating service has been set up for people with disabilities and mental health issues in Cornwall. James Blewett and Sam Gallaspy, who both have experience working with people with learning difficulties, started Hand in Hand to help individuals find friendship, companionship and love.

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mental health support, resources & information is the largest consumer mental health site, providing trusted information on mental health disorders and psychiatric medications from both a consumer and expert point of view.

General Provisions and also provides links to key reference texts, provides a FAQ page, a history page, and a detailed set of links to related bodies. Liberty previously the NCCL is the major independent human rights organisation which works to defend and extend rights and freedoms in England and Wales. Founded in , it is the largest organisation of its kind in Europe. One of their functions is to pursue test cases through the English Courts and then the ECHR; there are details of these cases on the site.

They also lobby Government and inform the media of important issues. There is also a particular section for Lawyers called Lawyers for Liberty. Your rights is a new site from Liberty see above on Human Rights topics. The site also covers ways in which the English legal system approaches these topics civil action, judicial review, government, local government, courts, the media, police etc. There is a comprehensive list of organizations and publications, a FAQ section and information on how to ask further questions on an individual basis Liberty apparently already respond to around 5, individual questions a year.

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It is specifically charged with drafting a Bill of Rights to supplement the European Convention on Human Rights which is being made part of the law in Northern Ireland as a result of the passing of the Human Rights Act There are papers and reports on the site and links to other related bodies.

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Overview. More than 57 million people in the United States (age 18 and older) suffer from a mental illness. Over 50% of women who live with a mental illness have previously experienced some sort of trauma such as physical or sexual abuse (either during childhood or adulthood).

Click to playTap to play The video will start in 8Cancel Play now Get daily updates directly to your inbox Subscribe Thank you for subscribingSee our privacy notice Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid Email It goes without saying that mental health issues affect all of us at some point in our lives. And with figures saying that one in six people are experiencing a common mental health problem at any given time, that means that around 27, people in Huddersfield are suffering right this moment.

Puts things into perspective, right? And because mental illness can turn you into your own worst enemy, many of us end up feeling isolated, unworthy of care and as though there is no help or hope out there. Help is there for all mental health issues, from psychosis, addiction and post-partum mental health. Always, always visit your GP if you think you may be suffering with a mental health problem.

Doctors speak to thousands of people everyday over this – you are not alone. Your GP will be able to give the best advice on what services you can access in the area, as well as prescribe medication should you need any. Based on Chapel Hill, your GP can refer you to services based there which include mental health nurses, psychiatrists who can review and prescribe medication and psychological therapies.

These services are accessed through referral only so speak to your GP first – however there are waiting lists for therapies. You can contact Folly Hall Mills on:

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Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid Email Jeremy Hunt today pleaded for more time to fix the mental health crisis in the NHS – five years after he took charge of it. He added there is still an “injustice” and “a lot more to do”. Mr Hunt’s comments drew attacks after the number of mental health nurses plummeted by 5, and the NHS lost thousands of mental health beds. He admitted the fall in staff was an “unintended consequence” of needing nurses on dangerous hospital wards after the Mid Staffs scandal.

PA He said the NHS was moving better towards treating mentally ill people in the community, reducing the need for beds, and there were more talking therapists.

EXCLUSIVE. DOCTORS and nurses in Macclesfield’s mental health services say they are working in a culture of bullying and fear. A group of senior clinical staff claim the majority of consultants in the East Cheshire service are about to leave for posts elsewhere because they have been treated so badly by the board of the Cheshire and Wirral Partnership NHS Trust.

An increasing number of studies and reports from different organizations and contexts examine the linkages between health and different factors, including lifestyles, environments, health care organization and health policy , one specific health policy brought into many countries in recent years was the introduction of the sugar tax. Beverage taxes came into light with increasing concerns about obesity, particularly among youth.

Sugar-sweetened beverages have become a target of anti-obesity initiatives with increasing evidence of their link to obesity. The report identified three interdependent fields as key determinants of an individual’s health. The maintenance and promotion of health is achieved through different combination of physical, mental , and social well-being, together sometimes referred to as the “health triangle. Health is a positive concept emphasizing social and personal resources, as well as physical capacities.

This includes characteristics of the natural environment , the built environment and the social environment. Factors such as clean water and air , adequate housing , and safe communities and roads all have been found to contribute to good health, especially to the health of infants and children. Genetics , or inherited traits from parents, also play a role in determining the health status of individuals and populations.

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Saturday 27 February Drinking, smoking and drug-taking are down in the UK; teen pregnancies are at their lowest level for nearly half a century. Yet there is growing evidence that teens are in the grip of a mental-health crisis. It is as if, rather than acting out, young people are turning in on themselves.

Overseen by an international advisory board of distinguished academic faculty and mental health professionals with decades of clinical and research experience in the US, UK and Europe, provides peer-reviewed mental health information you can trust.

Originally run informally, BrightSparks is a formally constituted arts in mental health group. It exists to acknowledge, support, and showcase the creative talent that exists within the mental health community through an expanding portfolio of creative projects. These are still our longest running projects. The annual showcase events are always oversubscribed and the audiences widely attended.

Many BrightSparks artists have since gone on to develop successful careers in the arts. The Brighter Side The Brighter Side is a performance poetry based project, working with identified statutory and voluntary sector services. Ideally, each project consists of a series of performance poetry workshops facilitated by reformed psychiatric nurse and performance poet Rob Gee and a series of illustration workshops facilitated by Lydia.

The workshops result in a high profile performance of all the work generated, usually at a mainstream venue. We also produce an accompanying illustrated journal of work.

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Call if you or someone you know experiences an acute life-threatening medical or mental health emergency. You may be close to acting on suicidal thoughts or have seriously harmed yourself. Many hospitals now have a liaison psychiatry team or psychological medicine service which is designed to bridge the gap between physical and mental healthcare.

Learn more about this service in the glossary section.

To help support Mental Health Awareness Week at OMD UK, the OMD UK Employee Council has arranged for a number sessions and initiatives to take place that will help provide our people with the tools they need to manage a healthy work-life balance and to normalise the conversation around mental health.

Criminal Justice Research Training Program Incarceration and Mental Health The closing of state psychiatric facilities during the process of deinstitutionalization in the s was intended to improve care for people suffering from mental illness and shift treatment provision to less restrictive settings. People with mental illness left state-funded institutions to return home, to nursing homes, and other community-based residences.

However, nearly half of the proposed community-based health centers that were to replace state psychiatric facilities were never built, and those that were completed ran into financial distress when federal money ran out a few years later. The lack of sufficient community-based treatment options has instead resulted in the drastic increase in the incarceration of the people with mental illness. In fact, correctional facilities in New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago currently act as the three biggest psychiatric facilities in the country.

The number of hospitalized persons with serious mental illness SMI decreased from , in the s to 70, in ; concurrently, the prison population grew from , in the s to 5.

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