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Rochelle Pangilinan at Arthur Solinap,’di pa napag-uusapan kung kailan ang kasal

Written by Aster Amoyo Read: Although very visible si Jake Ejercito bilang biological father ng five-year-old daughter ni Andi na si Ellie, very close din umano si Emilio sa anak ni Andi. Sana sa susunod na movie o teleserye nina Alden at Maine ay gawin nang third wheel si Jake na mukhang tanggap at suportado naman ng fans nina Alden at Maine. Reluctant actor pa rin ang turing ng marami kay Jake dahil hindi pa talaga ito nagpu-fulltime sa showbiz.

Encantadia is a Filipino fantasy franchise produced and published by GMA consists of four television series that have run from to present and a single film. The first was shown in carrying the title alone and ended in the same year with total of episodes.

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Ang tahanan ay walang pinipiling lugar basta’t naroon ang iyong puso. Nasaan nga ba ang tahanan-ang Lireo—ni Amihan? Habang nagkukuta ang mga diwata kasama ang mga Sapiryan sa Dakilang Moog. Lalaktaw sa bahaging maghihiwalay muli sila Amihan at Ybrahim pagkatapos mabawi ang Lireo kay Hagorn.

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Encantadia: Summer Special Part 1

Ano nga ba ang tunay na simula ng gulo? Oo alam ko na — na uurong tayo sa pakikipagdigma sa mga Etherian… Wantuk: Rama, kung nabubuhay lamang si Lira batid kong sasangayon siya sa desisyon ng kanyang Ashting Hara. Batid mo na ayaw ni Lira ng karahasan kaya nga diba binitawan niya ang sandatang yan. Ngunit batid ko ang anumang usap sa mga Etherian ay hindi makabuluhan.

Dating my best friend is amihan, etheria telefantasya produced by mark reyes and sister, the encantadia television series , alena? What makes the fanfic characters in. Sang’gre amihan sacrificed her life to fight hagorn’s.

March 15, , Ayun si Bryan Santos. Nakakatouch ang reunion ng mag-ina. Yung malaman na hindi pala nagkakalayo ang edad nyo magkapatid Intense moment yung nag-uusap sina Tin at Myra. Yung silence pero yung facial expression ni Tin. Galing nung moment na yun. Mula sa welcome dinner hanggang sa first day, ramdam na yung aura ng lupit ng situation.

Lahat nakasawsaw na pagtawanan o magcomment kapag nagkamali ka. Tapos nobody will save you.

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It comprises three kingdoms: Lireo, Sapiro and Hathoria. These three kingdoms, and the Lirean territory, Adamya, bear the four elemental gems that hold the continent in balance. Lireo, in the east, is the kingdom that cared for the gemstones of air and water, with its territory, Adamya. Sapiro, the northern kingdom, kept the gemstone of earth and had its lands blessed with precious metals and stones, and its soil fertile unlike any other land. Hathoria, the kingdom of the west, held the gemstone of fire and utilized it for the development of weapons and war machinery.

The three kingdoms were able to live in peace, but day came when the Hathors inhabitants of Hathoria gave in to their greed and started a war to claim the other gems, that they may gain power and rule over the whole continent. The Hathors first waged war with the Sapiro, in pursuit of the gemstone of earth. The Sapiryan king, King Armeo, before Sapiro’s fall, was able to kill the Hathor king and claim the gemstone of fire.

Sapiro, after the war, was left in ruins. While the death of the Hathor king, and the loss of the gemstone of fire, weakened the Hathor force and made them retreat. King Armeo gave the gemstone of fire and earth to his older cousin, Raquim, and willed that the gemstones be given to Ynang Reyna of Lireo for safekeeping. The four gems have not been separated since.

Sanya Lopez

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Reblog It was a perfect day. The sun shone brightly at the azure skies, the emerald sea was calm. Golden sands shimmered under the rays of the majestic ball of fire. The guests were all dressed up, garments made from the most expensive cloths adorned with intricate designs and precious stones. The aisle was decorated with colorful blossoms, freshly picked from the gardens of Lireo and Sapiro. Soldiers of both kingdoms lined on either side of the aisle, Lireans on the left, Sapirians on the right.

Eula Valdes welcome by fans as Encantadia’s new villain

This is after netizens dubbed the show as an assembly area of celebrities in hiatus or retirement. Coco said their guests are blessings to the show. He said he wants to give the two celebrities a chance to have better lives. He also expressed that he wants the two stars to showcase their talents. Recently, a clip of an aired blunder in one of its scenes was uploaded online.

Home Tourism Brilyante Encantadia Description: The Brilyante are fictional gemstones in the Filipino fantasy television series Encantadia as well as its requel. They are the four elemental gems that holds the balance in Encantadia. Each gem manifests the classical elements: The tranquility and future of Encantadia rests on these four gemstones. In both series, each Brilyante are being carefully kept by each kingdom in Encantadia. The kingdom of Lireo, in the east of Encantadia, is the keeper of Brilyante ng Adamya in the south is the keeper of Brilyante ng Tubig Gemstone of Water.

Sapiro, the northern kingdom, kept the Brilyante ng Lupa Gemstone of Earth. Hathoria, the kingdom of the west, is the keeper the Brilyante ng Apoy Gemstone of Fire. But after the Hathoria attempted to seize the four gemstones, they are turned-over to Queen Mine-a of Lireo for safekeeping. Later, the four daughters of Queen Mine-a became the keeper of these gemstones. The history of the four elemental gemss date back to the First Great War in Encantadia with the fall of the Etherian Empire.

Etheria and the First Great War The four brilyante were initially created as a single gem that the bathalang Emre, the highest god in Encantadia, bequethed to the leaders of each kingdom in Encantadia:

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Send to mobile via QR code. Si Adhara siguro at ang mga Hator ang magbibigay kaguluhan sa buong Encantadia. Magpapanggab na mabait si Adhara sa mga diwata dahil isa ring diwata si Adhara ngunit isang taksil na diwata na gaya ng sinabi ni Amihan kapatid ni Reyna Mine-a noon. Si Sunshine yung kontrabida noon, marahil kontrabida rin siya ngayon!

She is known for her portrayal in the now-defunct afternoon series, The Half Sisters, wherein she played as Lorna. In , Lopez gained media attention and rose to fame after being announced as the new Hara Danaya of the television remake of GMA Network’s Encantadia. Losing her dad at age two, Sanya found a father figure in Kuya Germs whom she met when she was She dedicates her performance to both Kuya Germs and her real dad.

She was given the name Sanya, of Indian origin, by her manager. The Lopez comes from the family name of their Tita Lalaine Lopez, who is the closest to them. She grew up in Bulacan and goes home often to visit her lola.

John Arcilla from ‘Encantadia’ to ‘Ang Probinsyano’ family!

Ipagkakasundo Naglalakad sa bulwagan nang Hathoria si Hagorn nang mapansin niya na paparating si Asval. Napatigil siya sa paglalakad. Buti ay nakarating ka na. Bakit mo naman ako pinapunta rito, kaibigan?

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Encantadia: Pagpapalaya kay Hagorn