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Do you still masturbate to the thought of me? Searching for a quiet place to take the call, you popped into the laundry room, took off your red cape and sat on the ancient looking washing machine. You heard your friend on the other end. In stepped a man and a woman in coordinating ninja costumes. So, how was it? Since tonight was the last night for haunted houses, she had finally made her move. After fifteen minutes of talking to her, your phone started to beep letting you know your battery was dying. He flipped off the light as your phone went dead. There was enough light streaming in from a window that you could make out who the mystery man was.

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A costume catwalk down the middle of Cedar Springs road with food and beer offered at 8 different booths. This is probably as authentic as you can get with the holiday celebrations. The venue will also be hosting a Halloween on Halloween night. Free or Discounted Rides: Can be used anytime, anywhere.

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My friends and I decided to buy tickets to the annual bus trip booked by our university to a well-known club in the city. The bus trip was an hour-long drive and was notorious for being a complete and total muck-fest. Only the most deplorable college freshmen and sophomores go on the trip, so it was only right we showed up to ensure things went according to plan. The busses filled with the typical college Halloween outfits — some funny, some hardo, and most letting everything hang out.

One of the latter, dressed in an overexposed tutu, had walked on to the bus immediately grabbing the attention of our group of 15 brothers who had taken over the back eight seats of the bus. She saw our group and made her way to the back, her eyes locked on my roommate Max. Max is the type of reckless kid who has no filter, especially when he gets a little liquor in him. The color really brings out your eyes. After a few, and I mean very few words, they started hooking up right there in the back seat for everyone to see.

This all sounds like a normal Hallo-week encounter but remember this is an hour ride in a yellow school bus with kids crushing water bottles of vodka and doing miscellaneous drugs.

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The only ones I remember being truly wretched were Sherbet. My sister and I used to get so excited to get them and it was awesome because you could pump as much syrup in your cup to make the drink as strong as you wanted. Thanks for the Slush Puppie tip! I also need to hit up my Target…they have to have Halloween stuff out by now…right? I tried my first one at a Target Starbucks the other day and it just tasted too artificial for me.

I even customized it by adding an extra espresso shot and requesting only one pump of the syrup vs.

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Share Traditionally, October gets its scary reputation from Halloween , but this year we’re betting that Venus will deserve some of the credit, too. On Friday, October 5 , the love planet began its retrograde in the sign of Scorpio and potentially put our love lives on a trajectory better fit for a haunted hayride. For what it’s worth, Venus retrogrades don’t have to be difficult. These periods actually have the potential to alleviate romantic strife.

Say you’ve been waiting to tell someone how you feel — or maybe you’ve been putting off a major conversation with your S. Generally speaking, Venus’ retrograde periods aren’t necessarily a cause for alarm — it’s just that this is a tricky time of year for the planet of love and beauty to hit its regularly scheduled backspin Venus goes retrograde about every 18 months.

If there’s nothing new to report in your love life, you can find these periods fulfilling by showing yourself a little extra love and support. But if you’re actively dating, you probably already know that we’re on the threshold of “cuffing season,” when the temperatures drop and the social pressure to partner up rises. And, since we’re in the thick of Halloween party season, opportunities to dress sexily and flirt to your heart’s content will increase exponentially.

In other words, the scene is set for awkward hookups, overblown expectations, or, perhaps riskiest of all, run-ins with past lovers. This is when Venus retrograde can be rather nasty — even the most minor romantic missteps can have long-term repercussions. If you’re lucky, you’ll notice what went wrong and avoid the same mistake next time.

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The park is comprised of total acres and features a acre lake with 13 miles of shoreline stocked with bass, bream, crappie and catfish offering excellent fishing hours a day. The lake is also a favorite for boating, water skiing and swimming. Aluminum boat rentals are available. Flint Creek’s Water Town with kiddy waterslides and four adult giant waterslides, is open most of the year. Landlubbers can enjoy camping and picnicking all year round.

The Halloween Hookup 0 Naruto x Orihime 0 Author’s Note 0 Another Master of Death: Human Perspective offshoot. This time with an Halloween twist. 0 It was Halloween, a holiday not often celebrated in Japanese culture, but each year was starting to become popular.

Disclosure Every product here is independently selected by Mashable journalists. If you buy something featured, we may earn an affiliate commission which helps support our work. Cursed political Halloween costumes at your service. By Nicole Gallucci You know the ones. With all the seemingly endless, unhinged madness that’s taken place over the past two years, it makes sense why you’d want to wear to political costume. But we promise you can do better.

Aside from being truly creepy, Donald Trump masks are too easy. So to help you step up your Halloween game we’ve compiled a list of creative, politically relevant ensembles for you to choose from — none of which are the president! From Trump’s favorite foods, to noteworthy White House personas, popular political memes, and more, here are 15 Halloween costumes to inspire you this year.

The iconic photo of Trump yelling at a child while he mows the White House lawn was captured in Sept. The moment was instantly transformed into a Trump Screaming Meme, which resurfaces any time a big piece of political news drops and always delivers.

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Add To Cart Halloween Spitter Halloween is the best time to really go all out and spook the pants off people. Having animated props and terrifying things that jump out and spit at you is a great way to do that. But if you are going to buy a pneumatic kit to make your props move, you might as well use our pneumatic solenoids to their best ability and also make them into a Halloween spitter and leave your unsuspecting quests covered in fake “toxic waste”, blood, or any other gross thing that comes to mind!

When you decide to use our awesome Halloween Spitter to spew your guests with goo-like liquids, you are going to have a great time watching them all freak, and you will have everyone screaming and ducking for cover, giving you one of the best laughs you will get all year!

Hookup Hotshot roster of babes have it all: shapely breasts, big ole’ bubble butts, curves to spare, and faces so beautiful that they’ll shock and awe you—most .

The Purge has inspired years and years worth of Halloween costumes based on the movie. Most of the costumes seem like just an excuse to wear revealing lingerie, a lot of fake blood, and a creepy mask… which really, when you think about it, is what Halloween is all about. Check out these costume ideas based on The Purge and go get yourself a lot of fake blood. Skip this Ad Next Neon Masks Probably the most popular costume inspired by The Purge is a ripped white t-shirt stained with “blood,” knee high socks or tights, fake weapons, and creepy masks.

You can stand out a little bit more by swapping the classic smiling face mask with a neon lit-up mask. It’s a really cool mix of sexy and scary, which is perfect for Halloween.

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Oct 29, Hooking up in college is an art. Hooking up in college during Halloween weekend is a true feat. So sit down, take notes, and prepare for the worst most successful Halloween shenanigans yet.

Oct 12,  · Best place I found not just Costumes for Halloween but UNIQUE costumes that nobody else has is at a place called “Costume Hookup” – and it’s : Resolved.

How old are you? USA Highest education received: Atheist How religious are you? Heterosexual How many sexual partners have you had in your life including oral sex? Same as current status How would you best classify this hookup? One-night stand How long did you know the person before this hookup? What did they look like? How well did you know them, had you hooked up before? How did you feel about them before the hookup? Jenna is 5 foot 8, curvy build, sunkissed skin, C Cups, great overall body.

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Come with us and you will see, this, our town of Halloween! However, Jack Skellington, the Pumpkin King, has grown rather tired of the same old thing, and yearns for something new in his life. After the current year’s celebration of Halloween, the morose Jack goes for a long walk out of town into the forest, where he happens to walk into a circle of trees he’s never seen before. Each tree bears a portal which leads to another holiday town. Immediately attracted by the Christmas tree shaped one, he ventures into Christmas Town.

There he discovers the wonders of the bright and jolly, and becomes obsessed with understanding Christmas. He returns to Halloween Town and informs the townsfolk of Christmas, but both his and their understanding of the holiday is limited by their experience of Halloween. In a Perspective Flip of the typical Christmas Special plot of “monsters try to steal Christmas,” Jack has perfectly good intentions — he thinks taking over Christmas for a year will be great fun for everyone involved, both in Halloween Town and the human world, and it’ll give ” Sandy Claws ” a year off for vacation once some homicidal children kidnap him and bring him to Halloween Town to sit Christmas out.

The whole town groups together to create Christmas, but Sally the rag doll, who is secretly in love with Jack, has a vision that it will be a disaster. She’s right, of course. Throw all that in with a boogeyman fashioned from a burlap sack filled with insects, rousing musical numbers so catchy they’re scary, scares a-plenty for the young ones, and some truly brilliant imagery and directing, and you get the now widely beloved holiday classic The Nightmare Before Christmas. Starting in , it’s gotten a theatrical re-release once a year at Halloween time, with a somewhat disappointingly light-handed makeover into a 3-D movie.

Compare Coraline , which is from the same director. The difference likely has to do with the fact that Coraline was intended to be a 3-D film from the time it began filming,and it was specifically shot for that purpose during filming.

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