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When the Bay of Fundy Swells, a River Roller Coaster Begins

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Wolter Land Estates lists Canadian land for sale in Ontario, Northern Ontario, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick. Our property for sale in Canada ranges from fully developed to vacant lots.

Early developments[ edit ] The principle employed in using a screw propeller is used in sculling. It is part of the skill of propelling a Venetian gondola but was used in a less refined way in other parts of Europe and probably elsewhere. For example, propelling a canoe with a single paddle using a “pitch stroke” or side slipping a canoe with a “scull” involves a similar technique.

In China, sculling, called “lu”, was also used by the 3rd century AD. In sculling, a single blade is moved through an arc, from side to side taking care to keep presenting the blade to the water at the effective angle. Propellers can have a single blade , but in practice there are nearly always more than one so as to balance the forces involved. Archimedes’ screw The origin of the screw propeller starts with Archimedes , who used a screw to lift water for irrigation and bailing boats, so famously that it became known as Archimedes’ screw.

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Some time ago, Eldon Sentner approached me about putting abbreviated obituaries in the newsletter for those who had passed away during the week, and which appeared in Island newspapers. I have long wanted to do this, but lacking a volunteer until now, it was too time consuming to do myself. Eldon volunteered, and this is the result.

When specified in the obituary, the address for the funeral home’s web page will be given, so you can view the full obituary if still on-line. Act fast to see the original obituary, these are only posted to the funeral home web sites for a short time.

Nova Scotia is a Canadian province located on Canada’s southeastern coast. It is the most populous province in the Maritimes, and its capital, Halifax, is a major economic centre of the region.

Site index The following stories were written by my good friend Muddler. I’d known him for about thirty years but didn’t start fishing with him until a few years ago, and back then the only fly I ever saw on the end of his line was a Muddler Minnow in fact I doubt that he used a Blue Charm like he says he did in this first story. By observation, it was he who taught me how to fish traditional wet flies, such as the Dark Montreal and the Brown Hackle, and especially Dryfly, April Muddler on the Torrent River in Newfoundland Muskrat versus Man and Wader The occasional rise of a salmon, the scenery, a perfect day to be on this particular stretch of water, not far from the main branch, and where at times you waited more than fished.

As far as I can remember age distorts ones memory my choice of fly was a Blue Charm. Only two others were competing for that feeling of the first strike. A number of casts placed my fly near the last rise.

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The Scotians travel to Liverpool on Saturday. The Subways had a balanced scoring attack with 8 different goals scorers cashing in on the win. Erin Sullivan got the win between the pipes. On Sunday, it was a battle of the two undefeated team at the top of the standings as the Selects traveled to Bedford to face the Station Six Fire, who are in second place in league standings. The Selects had the early edge in play but spotted a lead to the Fire before roaring back to close the gap to in the second on a goal by Natalie MacKay.

Cassie Clarke added another to take a lead into the third period.

The Atlantica Oak Island Resort and Marina celebrate the spectacular setting that is Nova Scotia’s south shore. Whether you just want to wind down, enjoy the spa, restaurant, beautiful view or tie up at the Marina, this is your chance to explore your next vacation.

Advertisement Nova Scotia Power yet to disclose size of oil spill into Halifax harbour Nova Scotia Power shared this photo after oil spilled from a generating station into Halifax harbour. The utility would only say that the spill involved a “limited” amount of oil leaking into a small cove on the Dartmouth side of the busy harbour.

Tiffany Chase, a spokeswoman for the utility, said Friday afternoon that the company still didn’t have an estimate of the amount of oil that spilled out of a small hole in a pipe onto the ground and from there into the harbour. So there was less pressure in the pipe at the time than if we had been streaming oil into the plant for fuel.

The utility, a subsidiary of Halifax-based Emera Inc. Environmental response crews set up three booms on the water and were using vacuum trucks and absorbent material to remove the oil. The megawatt plant largely uses natural gas to make electricity, but it can also run on oil. Nova Scotia Power confirmed Friday it has launched an internal investigation.


Monday, August 25, , 9: While not as prone to these powerful storms as our U. This isn’t an exhaustive list, but we’ve put together this look back at eight storms which, for one reason or another, stand out among the numerous hurricanes that have tracked this far north. Hurricane Igor, September The Atlantic hurricane season was an unusually severe one.

A total of 19 storms formed, 12 of which became full-blown hurricanes. Five of those reached a strength of Category 3.

in this weeks column, I reflect on the war, and this whole writing about the comings and goings in the harbour, and how that was restricted by the censors during the war I also cover some recent happenings in the Harbour.

The site processes waste water from the Northern Pulp mill. Matt Gunning, a member of the Clean Up the Pictou Mill group, who lives in the town of Pictou, agreed that the eventual replacement of the environmental mess called Boat Harbour is long overdue but he said the government and Northern Pulp, the company that operates the Abercrombie Point mill, have to be transparent about the process. It appears that it is going to be the public.

That study suggested a location for the treatment facility beyond Pictou Harbour in the Northumberland Strait. The treated waste water, up to 90 million litres daily — enough water to fill 36 Olympic-sized swimming pools — will be flushed into the Northumberland Strait. She said it is yet to be determined if government will chip in to the cost of the project and, if so, just how much the taxpayers will be on the hook for.

Are we footing the whole bill for this, are we on the hook for any liabilities in the future that are associated with it? That turned out not to be the case after the sediment settled, so to speak. After launching several lawsuits, the final straw came with a significant and toxic effluent leak in the pipeline near Indian Cross Point that sparked a peaceful protest. Andrea Paul, chief of the Pictou Landing band, said Wednesday that she is confident that the cleanup will go ahead and on schedule.

Both systems use micro-organisms, bugs or insects, to remove bacteria. Gunning is not convinced that all the bugs have been removed from the process that will lead to a new treatment plant.

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What gets lost in this discussion is the important role energy efficiency will play in a global GHG reduction strategy. It shows how our energy sources and consumption will need to change if we truly want to limit the global temperature increase to 2 Celsius degrees the target set by the International Panel on Climate Change by Note the relative size of the contribution by energy efficiency. As the market transforms and economies of scale take effect, the cost of these technologies will continue to drop.

Energy efficiency however, is really cheap.

The full cars would hook up with the existing NSPI rail line to be hauled into the Coal Piers or to the Lingan Power Plant. The empties would be hauled back to Donkin. Repeat.

This framework, which was developed by the Zofnass Program for Sustainable Infrastructure at the Harvard University Graduate School of Design and the Institute for Sustainable Infrastructure, is used by infrastructure owners, design teams, community groups, environmental organizations, constructors, regulators, and policy makers to: Be publicly recognized for high levels of achievement in sustainability.

Include community priorities in civil infrastructure projects. At the end of this course, you will be able to: If you are interested in participating in this workshop, or have any questions for Clean Foundation, please email dpeters clean. Seating is limited so registration is first come first serve. Miranda Cain is the founder of the North Preston group, and her goals in starting the organization were to harness the energy of youth, and to showcase the spirit and culture of the historic African Nova Scotian community.

Noise from gasoline generators! Please use power from NS Power! Get a construction feed